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    Director 11 stopped compiling


      GEAR: Windows 7 Home Premium, ver 6.1, build 7601; DirectX 11; Twn Nvidia 590's; Aurora R3 brand; D11.


      ISSUE: D11 suddenly stopped compiling. In the past, I just rebooted and all was well, but now rebooting doesn't clear the problem. What happens is this: FILE>PUBLISH and D11 acts like it is compiling, but when it finishes, thee is no .exe file to be found. Frequently, in the past, when compiling, various Adobe xtras would lock up and cause an error, then I'd just reboot and be a happy camper. But today, I'm in a black hole.


      STEPS TAKEN: Reinstalled D11 'till I'm blue in the face, problem still persists. Removed third party xtras, problem still persists; Swore to pay all parking tickets; problem still persists. Arggggggg!


      HISTORY: Has the problem appeared before by any D11 or D11.5 user? If so, what did you do to fix it?