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    Technical Photo-JPEG question

    lasvideo Level 4

      I am doing a project where a client has provided me with 400 Photo-JPEG files. (stock footage from Digital Juice). They load and playback just fine in a sequence that was created using the Make Sequence button.

      I was informed by a knowledgeable person that I should not use Photo-JPEG and should have converted all the clips to a QT  movie format (Prores or whatever).The only limitation I bumped into is that the clips wont accept metadata, but that is superfluous for this edit.

      The time spent doing that seemed probibitive but I just wanted some technical experts from the forum to confirm or deny what I was told.

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          If the image sequence works, why not use it? As you said, you're needlessly spending time converting to another format that may or may not give you any direct benefits. That's a major strength of Premiere Pro: the ability to import just about anything and work with it directly, with no conversion or flip-flopping required.

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            jesmo71 Level 1

            The only reason you would convert this to ProRes or an intermediate filetype is if you were having performance issues, i.g. slow playback, stuttering, excessive render times, etc...


            Converting to ProRes or any other intermediate filetype introduces another conversion which degrades the original files with each conversion. Since Photo-JPEG is already a lossy format, you really don't want to compress those files again, unless you really have to.  Anytime you can edit with the original format throughout a project it will give you a superior quality in the end. You have less time converting files. You lose less quality due to filetype conversions and multiple compressions. And generally the original file size is going to be substantially smaller than the intermediate codec.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              If it ain't broke, why 'fix' it?

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                lasvideo Level 4

                My thought exactly Jim. I just never assume anything and know I can get some good info from forum members here. Thanks.