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    InDesign 5 - TOC - Removing Character Styles?


      Hi all,



      I've noticed under CS5 the character styles applied to certain text are coming through to the TOC eg. I have a H4 heading that maps to TOC 4. I have some character styles applied to H4 headings that are kept when the text comes through to the TOC as 'TOC 4'.
      I don't want this to happen ie. Text should lose existing character styles when put in the TOC (I have grep TOC character styles set up in the TOC instead).
      I try "clearing character overrides" but this clears manual formatting (italic, underlines, etc) but not Character styles. So I tried selecting whole TOC and setting Character styles to none, but this also removed the built-in TOC character styles applied to page numbers and leaders (although it did keep TOC Grep Styles).
      Any ideas?
      Many thanks. HJ
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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Not sure about GREP styles, but styling applied through nested styles does not come through in a TOC.


          Other possibilities are to use find/change on the TOC stroy to find the character style and change it to [None] (which you'd have to do each time you update), or to use non-printing tags of some sort with their own style, and include those instead of the actual headings.

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