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    the poor quality outcome from project to .mov


      first of all, here is my spec:


      running on : win 7- 64bit

      processor : core i5  650@3.20GHz

      RAM: 4GB approximately

      graphic card: ATI Radeon HD 4600 series 1GB

      BIOS: version: 08.00.15



      using AE CS5, installed with quicktime 7.7, K-lite 7.5.8(update version)


      well, the problem is when i was add my project to render queque, the video quality is very good,however the sound is horrible

      it's kinda some lag on it whenever i played it with several different video player.

      Moreover, when i was attempting to convert it (with full license video converter such as AVS&Any Vid Conv) to avi,mkv. whatever the setting is, the result have no more lag,but THERE WAS NO AUDIO AT ALL.


      I rendered it to .mov file( compression type "photo-JPEG") and i also checked a check box of audio output( 48.000KHz-32 bit-stereo)


      the project is about only 27 second!


      sum1, help me please!!

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          F-LIX Level 1

          ooww ya, one thing

          i just switch into windows XP SP3, i have dual booth on my PC

          Inside XP, there are AE CS4 and then i tried to render the broken video .mov(800MB) into the same setting (.mov & 48.000KHz -16bit-stereo& compression "photo-JPEG"). my XP was installed with quicktime and XP codec pack( not K-lite codec pack)


          the outcome performance is pretty good, NO LAGS,no glitches .but somehow, the video size was decreased dramatically (200MB). what's going on actually? is the source in CODEC? thx b4

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            is the source in CODEC?


            Yes. You need to get rid of K-Lite. It is known to cause any number of issues with professional video tools. You can easily verify that by doing a search on similar threads. it simply messes up things on the system level.