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    Cs5.5 - OSX 10.7 CMYK ICC Profile not visible?




      Hoping someone can help here.


      IT department have installed a new Macpro into our prepress/design area using OSX 10.7 Lion with CS5.5 and now we are not able to use/see any of the custom CMYK ICC profile we use for printers - laser or epson wide format inkjet on any of the CS5 apps.  Prior to the new mac we had no issues as we were using 10.6.8 and CS4.  I have read through many forums and release notes regarding issues with Lion and CS5 but haven't found any reference to Custom ICC Profile issues.


      The ICC profile we urgently need is for our Epson 7800 using custom stock for proofing - specifically supplied for our color management to output to Forgra39 standard.


      Had a specialist come in and he's baffled as well. 


      Any help with this would be MOST appreciated.


      Thanks Mike