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    Help With Trial Program Not Fully Functional


      I am using a trial of InDesign.  I have been watching several of the tutorials and try to mimic them, and the prompts (or at least some of them) just won't work.  I go to make changes as the tutorial does...and I can't open many of the functions, can't show two pages side-by side in spite of clicking the prompt to end shuffling.  The "clicks" just don't work on some functions.  I can add a rectangle with the rec tool, which works, but when I try to add color the scroll of the color bar won't work and if I click on one I can get to, nothing happens...no response.  I try to pull one of the pages down so that they are side by side (2 page spread) and no page gets picked up to move???  I have closed and reopened, rebooted...the thing is that the very first time I tried, it did let me do these features.  But since I closed it the first time, it just quit working fully? I have chosen the select tool...I have tried everything.  I am noticing that my scroll bar works to move things (on my mouse) but the onboard scroll won't, and in many cases I am not able to use my mouse to click an item???


      Any ideas?  Does Adobe offer any help on a trial?