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    Why can't I upload my new pages, changes in nav & side bars


      The problem that I'm having with my site www.KosherWoman.com is I make a change to my template in DW CS5  & the changes do appear on the side bars & on the navigation on  all the pages when I tested them via F 12, etc. with Firefox & IE.  However, when I  upload it to my server, the changes don't appear on the pages or the navigation.  I've tried the put method locally & then I tried it on the remote view  Still no change. I then copied the entire site on my flast drive & had a friend load the site & try it on his computer in his office.   He encountered the exact same problems I did.  I've been adding new pages, adding to the navigation, changing the side bar ads & promos since this website went on line 8 months ago.  These problems just started a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks for any help you can provide.