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    Digital Editions UAC problem Windows 7


      Hi folks,


      I'm currently trying to install digital editions for all students on our university network. When I try a sample book from the digital editions site it seems to require administrator elevation to even run the program and open the ebook. I've tried using process montor to trace the point at which it requests admin rights but can't seem to find it. It will work as an administrator but still presents a UAC prompt that must be accepted.


      Does anyone have any experience of this problem or know what might be causing it. I can't believe the application would really need admin rights just to read a book.





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          I'm not quite sure what you're running into because I am not sure how you're

          doing what you're doing.  I'm guessing that you're trying to make copies of

          textbooks available to students for downloading to their laptops or whatever

          they have, and using ADE as the media manager.  A great idea, but,

          naturally, there are some catches.


          For background: ADE is designed for an individual user or a home situation,

          and it's not set up to run on a network.  Each copy is bound to a specific

          Adobe User ID.  ADE limits the number of computers a copy can be installed

          on, and the number of devices/ereaders hooked to those computers.  ADE is

          designed also to interface with an epublishing site or a library running

          certain software for transferring ebooks on loan.  If you are thinking of

          performing these functions, then you'll need to determine how that's going

          to work and what resources you'll need on the network.  If you conceive of

          the network as just a big switch, then it's pretty simple.  Since it's free

          software, I can't see any licensing issues that would prohibit each student

          who needs ADE from installing it on their own computer, which you could

          assist with - but in a university setting, you might end up just writing

          instructions for the installation and having them available on the network.



          You could contact Adobe and discuss your concepts and ideas with them.

          Maybe they have a way to make it work in your setting.


          If my guess is correct, then perhaps ADE is not the system to use.

          Overdrive is used by many libraries and some publishers.  It appears to be

          more flexible and robust, and its client runs on PC's and MAC's.  Don't know

          about UNIX.


          Hope this helps!


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            Thanks for the reply.


            To give you a bit more information:


            We need Adobe Digital Editions on our Network as our Library have purchased access to an large Ebook Library for our students and their site uses Digital Editions for delivery. If there is an alternative piece of software we can use then I'd be very keen to hear about it as Digital Editions as you say appears more of a home offering than an enterprise product.I'll have a look into Overdrive and see if it can handle the library site we use.


            The activations aren't a major issue for us as we have been using it last year and the students know to activate their home pc but will still need to use it on our Network from time to time. The problem really is how Windows 7 handles Digital Editions, on XP we had no problem running it with the students using it as standard Windows users. Now with UAC in the mix Windows 7 refuses to run Digital Editions without admin elevation. I've tried to trace the source of the UAC prompt and I'm unsure if it's Digital Editions requiring registry access or folder access that they don't have permission for. Even as an Admin user UAC will still prompt but if you answer yes it runs fine. The students however don't have the ability to answer this prompt and I'm not keen to disable UAC just for one piece of annoying software. I was hoping I would find someone who had managed to install Digital Editions and get it working for standard user accounts. I gather this is unlikely given it's mostly a home product but I'm sure a few others must be in a similar situation to ourselves.