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    Export to print/pdf showing hairlines on placed images


      I have an Indesign document with placed Psd images that appear correct on the screen. The Psd images are cut out images and have the transparent background visible when viewed in Photoshop. No lines are visible from that side. When placed in the Indesign document there are no lines or grid visible in the document at all in either normal or preview mode. However when i export it to pdf/print, then, lets call it grid lines for a lack of a better word, appear in my pdf. They are extremely thin, but still visible under magnification. I have tried every setting i could find but have been unable to get rid of these lines as they cross over other images on my page which are close to the placed image. Any ideas will be helpfull as the file needs to leave for the printers soon.


      Thanks in advance. Alwyn M