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    problem with the way text is selected.


      Hoping someone might have answer...


      The way text is being selected in some pdf's i have been using has suddenly changed. I am not sure if there is a setting that changed or what but i am totally mystefied. The text from the pdf was selecting by line, by line, and now its kind of doing it by "column" in a way, where the text on the clipboard now has extra carriage returns. One day it was this way, the next it was a different way.


      To illustrate the format of the pdf, its layed out like:


      "The seating arranements will be as follows"                     "Jack1     Jill1"

                                                                                          "Jack2     Jill2"

                                                                                          "Jack3     Jill3"




      The pasted text into notepad used to look like this:



      "The seating arranements will be as follows Jack1 Jill1"

      "Jack2 Jill2"

      "Jack3 Jill3"




      Now for whatever reason it looks like this all of the sudden:


      "The seating arranements will be as follows Jack1 Jill1"







      The pdf doesnt contain any tags as far as i know but i just dont understand why it changed. I have tried it on three different computers with different versions of Reader. Any ideas? I dont know much about pdf, i wrote some code that parses copied text from  pdfs and now this is throwing it off