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    Styles looking different in RH8 for Word source and Webhelp

    Vinay Kankipati Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am using RH8 for Word. There are close to 900 topics in my project. My problem is that the styles that I used in my RH Word documents and the styles displayed after generating Webhlep are looking different. Also, that is not consistent with all the topics; some are generated exactly as the styles are in RH Word documents, but some are generated differently. An example might help you clearly understand.




      I have used the following styles in my RH Word documents:


      ·                                 Normal for body text

      ·                                 Heading1 for headings


      [to see the below images clearly please zoom in the browser display]


      The following figure shows topic1 when the styles are applied in RH Word:

      styles in Word.PNG


      This is another topic2 when the styles are applied in RH Word:

      styles in Word2.PNG


      Output for topic1 in webhelp:



      Output for topic2 in webhelp:




      As you can see, the styles applied in topic1 and its output matches, whereas it is different for topic2 in Word and in Webhelp. I am not using any templates in RH Word. Can anyone please explain why this inconsistency. Is there a way to resolve this. I will be glad to provide you more information if required.


      Thank you,