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    Inserting editable pdf



      I have a contract that is generated in Word and saved to PDF.  I need to then insert pages after the contract that is an editable pdf for the customer to fill in.  After inserting, I need to secure the document so changes cannot be made except for in the editable fields.  We have done this in the past by having a pdf saved with editable fields that is inserted onto the new pdf contract (since the contract will change).  When I try to insert the editable pdf onto the contract I get the message, "You cannot insert pages from an Adobe XML form into another pdf file".  What am I doing wrong????  Our admin. assist is out of the office!!!!


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          radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          AcroForms (static - Acrobat) and XFA form (dynamic - LiveCycle Designer) are two totally different things.

          The only similarity is the file extension *.pdf.

          You cannot merge those files together, or only if you save the forms created with Designer as static forms, which means you will lose most of the dynamic features.