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    Using code templates in Flash Builder

    Amy Blankenship Level 4

      Hi, all;


      I know how to change most of the templates so that they go from the default "uncuddled" brackets to "cuddled"



      public function notCuddled():void





      public function cuddled():void {

           //yay! no wasted space



      However, I have not found the template used for the constructor for a generated Class, so I get:


      package my.package {

           public class MyLovelyCuddledClass {

                public function MyLovelyCuddledClass()

                {//wasted line that I have to manually fix





      I love the new productivity enhamcements in FB 4.5, and they are so great that little nitpicks like this stand out.  Can anyone tell me where I can find the template that is used for this, so I can code to the fullest potential of the tool?