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    Hidden brush strokes "Woof"

    dryheat1 Level 1

      In InDesign one-on-one Deke McClelland mentions some hidden brush strokes, I'm interested in one called "Woof" which produces a track of paw prints rather than dashes. I've tried to create this new brush stroke with no success. Is there such a thing? How do I access it?




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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          In the Stroke Panel go to the sub menu (top right of panel) and select New Stroke


          In the dialog box create a new stroke


          Name it "woof" without the quotes


          And press ok. It's now available as a stroke.


          Others are Rainbow, Lights, Feet, Happy



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            Grant H Level 4

            open brushes panel / flyout menu / open brush library / borders > borders novelty. Show the new panel view options as list, then select the "Tracks Dog" brush.




            (if u dont have cs5)

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              Nini Tjader Level 4

              I have an old tutorial for this here http://www.ninisworld.com/thecorner/tutorials/idcseastereggs.html . There are more like that than the dogs paws. All of them work upto and including CS 5.5. (my page says CS2 because I¨ve simply not updated it for quite some time).

              (On same page is also mentione what happens in CS2 if you choose About InDesign and type a certain word. In CS 5.5 type the word butterfly . You now get a game where you can pin butterflies with the mouse. If you do it for a while teh QuarkXpress alien appears and waves to you...)

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                dryheat1 Level 1

                I have tried the various suggestions offered and still no paws. I'm sorry maybe I need a more detailed step through. I created a new stroke and named it Woof, was I supposed to do something with the thick black line? I hit OK. If I go to the stroke menu Woof is shown there. I took the pencil tool and drew a line all I got was a line connected by dots. I tried going to that web location that had a comic walkthrough, but it is no longer available.


                I tried G's suggestion but got lost trying to locate the brushes panel/flyout menu/open brush library....etc.


                Don't give up on me, please.


                Thanks Don

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                  mpc999 Level 2

                  I think Grant is talking about Illustrator, not InDesign. That's where it is.


                  For the initial suggestion, I think you did it correctly, but you have to make the line thickness several points thick for the dog footprints to show up. Otherwise it looks like a dashed line, for example at 1 pt thickness. Try setting the line thickness to 12 pt or more.

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                    Grant H Level 4

                    oooops really sorry dude: you must have been going crazy to find that lirary: wrong forum: had Illy and ID forum open well you know... lol


                    I thought the Eugene's answer a tad strange...


                    well now you know where tofind it if you use illy!



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                      dryheat1 Level 1

                      OK G, I opened Ill CS4 for the first time ever and I found the puppy paws, just what I need. Now, the big question, can I create a document in Ill and import or place a jpg graphic of a doghouse and make a path of puppy paws, and then bring all of that into my bookcover in ID? I'm sure I can, but what's the best way to proceed?


                      Thanks again



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                        Grant H Level 4

                        yes: place th image in Illy: create the paws as you like, copy the paws and paste in in ID, or place Illy file in ID... lots of ways and options depending on your goal / best workflow...



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                          Nini Tjader Level 4


                          It IS in InDesign. If you went to my tutorial about it and created it and used it you should have it. But you need to use a stroke-width that is greater than 1 point to see the paws. I also wrote that in the tutorial. Use it and set stroke-width to something like 6-8 points, zoom in, and there you are. Any stroke you do in InDesign can use those strokes, but you have to experiment with the strokewidth to see them. 1 point is too small to show any effect.


                          You need to use the Dash line for the paws and the other ones when you create them, except the Rainbow one where you use the stripe model.


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                            Nini Tjader Level 4

                            Not necessary to go to Illustrator. You have them in InDesign if you follow my instructions.

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                              Grant H Level 4

                              yeah i know nini (well i do now ), posted thinking it was illy forum and

                              just replied to the question...



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                                dryheat1 Level 1

                                Nini , I finally got to Paws  but it needs tweaking: I created a new stroke in the new Stroke window settings were:

                                Name Woof

                                Type dash


                                in the next box a black bar went in a continuous to the 125 mark on the ruler  Length was at 1p0, pattern length 2p0, corners none Preview wt. 18.5. I clicked OK.


                                If I look at Stroke styles I can see Woof preceded by some tiny paws.


                                OKAY now how do I use it?


                                I'm using the Pencil tool, do I draw a line and then convert it to paws? Do I select Woof Stroke before I draw the line? If so how do I select it? I've been pressing the down arrow in a black bar located to the left of the opacity symbol, if I select Woof I see paws in place of the black bar. Next I go to the widow directly above that and change it from 0pt to 9 or 20 or whatever, then I take the pencil and draw a line, I get a line of connected dots-not paws. Somehow accidentally I managed to get a line of paws but they were in a black line not individual prints on my yellow background. How do I get paw prints that are separated by spaces and stand out as individual prints against the yellow backgriund of my book cover?


                                If this sounds like the ramblings of an old man, it is. I have found it is much easier to write a book than to do all of the publishing work.


                                Thanks for your patience, I'm looking forward to your response and maybe we can put this hread to bed.


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                                  Nini Tjader Level 4

                                  To create the stroke style:

                                  - Open the Stroke Style pane/palette

                                  - Choose Stroke Styles... in the palette dropdown menu

                                  - Choose New...

                                  - Name it Woof

                                  - Be sure that theType for the stroke is Dash - do NOT change any of the defautl values for the dashed stroke.

                                  - Close the Strokes pane/panel


                                  To use the stroke style:

                                  - Draw a line with any tool you want that can draw a line

                                  - With the line/stroke selected, in the Stroke palette/pane in the Type dropdown choose: Woof

                                  - In the same palette set the weight of the stroke to something larger than 1 point (1 pint is too small to shaw the paws)

                                  - Do NOT set any gap-color in same palette - it should be set to None if you want the color behind the paws to show

                                  - To give the paws another color than black, use the swatches palette and choose a color for the stroke itself


                                  Hope that's clear? (Off to bed, midnight here, so won't be available until tomorrow night, my time, again).


                                  PS. If you create the stroketype without any document open, it will be in your strokes palette for every new document you create, as a default style. If you have an already saved document without it, you can import it from another document that has it via the stroke palettes, Stroke Styles, Load... button by pointing to that document.


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                                    dryheat1 Level 1

                                    Nini, I deeply appreciate all of your assistance, and it works if you apply it to an existing line. My stupid problem is I can't seem to figure out how to make a line. I can continue a line, I can connect lines, but I can't draw them.


                                    I'm going to give up and create the trail of puppy paws from the doghouse using Illustrator and then bring that into ID.


                                    I'm sorry that I can't figure it out, that seems to be a common problem tht I have with Adobe programs. Maybe the problem is that I'm always trying to use the wrong Adobe program.



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                                      Nini Tjader Level 4

                                      You create a line in exactly the same way in InDesign as in Illustrator. Either by using the pencil tool, or by using the pen tool. And draw.