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    How can make the latest Adobe Presenter trial stop causing Powerpoint crash?

    Gabriel Cavalli

      I have downloaded the latest trial of Adobe Presenter, in the "About Presenter" feature it shows it to be Version 7.0.7

      I am using Powerpoint 2007 on a Windows XP laptop.


      The trial downloaded well, it records voice well, it syncs well with animation, and it appears ok on the PowerPoint Add in bar. I managed to create some 2-3 test recordings on a PowerPoint presentation I already have, that needs turning into a Presentation. That was all. Since then Powerpoint hasn't stopped crashing. Getting back to it functions well, the problem appears whenever I finish recording. Regardless of whether I press the stop or pause button. Earlier on it happened when then pressing ok, and only after "stop" button. Now it does it every single time, and of course, it's crashing before it can save any audio files.(I haven't even tried publishing, simply because I have nothing to publish because of these crashes!)


      I have browsed solutions online but they all seemed dated: like I said this is the latest version (what it seems 7.0.7) and even if I tried to download patches it doesn't accept them. Looking for updates from the add-in bar from Powerpoint only results in "no updates available for this version".


      Please help! This seems to be exactly what I was looking for but obviously not if it doesn't work!