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    Bullet Proof Flex Apps

    Code Girl Level 1

      I purchased FB 4.5 and I have written my first app using this front end with my Java Web Service Back end.  I used FB 4 Bible to learn Flex.  Does anyone have any suggestions on books or a location I can go to, to learn how to bullet proof my FB apps?

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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          What do you mean by Bullet Proof?  Do you want your app more secure?  Or better performance?  Or more stable?  Or something else?


          What are the problems with your current apps security/stability/performance that you are trying to solve?

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            Code Girl Level 1

            Up until recently, I was only a low level programmer.  Well, except  back in the dos days or should I say the Novell days.  Back then, I went through the keyboard and hit every key to verify it wouldnt crash my program.  I wrote custom software back in those days and my products ran for years with no bugs.


            Recently, I started doing Web developement.  Our company also has a team programming ASP.NET stuff.  But their stuff crashes all the time.  And sometimes for the craziest reasons.  Web went down, lost connection, email was not available, virus software blocked it, Microsoft.  They have crashes they can not figure out why it happened.  Since I am the Flash Builder person, I dont want that egg in my face.  I want my apps to be bomb proof.  So I am looking for something where I can learn from others who have already didnt think of that and their program crashed, they found the solution and would like to pass it on to the rest of us.  It appears as if being bombproof is not as easy with web developement as it was back in the dos days.

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              JeffryHouser Level 4

              This is only really accomplished through extensive testing and error trapping these days.


              Many people make assumptions in the apps they build, though.  On an web based app they may assume that an Internet Connectil will always be available and not test for the condition of "lost Internet"


              I can't speak to the type of stuff you were developing in the 80s vs the type of stuff you are developing today; but I would expect that if the complexity is equal, you should be able to make it bullet proof with similar amount of effort.

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                Code Girl Level 1

                So as far as you know, there are no books or web sites who would assist in the discovery of these kind of issues?

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                  UbuntuPenguin Level 4

                  I don't think there are many books on this issue of "bulletproofing".  Since Flex/AS3 isn't a low-level language, you generally don't have all the horrors that accompany a low-level language.  My most fearsome error is the null pointer error ( #1009 ).  If you want to make sure your stuff is tight as far as business logic and application behavior is concerned I would look into incorporating unit testing into my application.  That will help smoke out a good percentage of bugs.

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                    drkstr_1 Level 4

                    I think what you are looking for is Unit Testing.




                    http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Flex/4.0/UsingFlashBuilder/WS27ECA937-059A-4308-A2E2-F3A3AAB64 337.html


                    I do not know of any books that cover this topic, but I'm sure they exist. I personally prefer online (free) resources myself.