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    Display text when clicked

      I have a map with different areas (buttons). I want a text to appear next to the mouse pointer when an area is clicked. This text should disappear again after a couple of seconds. Is this possible with Actionscript or do I need to manually create a TextField for every area?
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          This is possible.

          Try something along the lines of creating a new movie clip above your map, in this movie clip create a dynamic text field.

          You can then use an on release over your map and grab the _xmouse, _ymouse and set your newly created movie clip to that position, enter text in the dynamic text field, go to a play 1 in this movie and make it visible.

          Then when your overlay reaches a specific frame use a go to and stop 1 and then set the visible to false.

          You can use the flash help to get specifics on all of this
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            FrankvZ Level 1
            Thanks digitellinc!

            Creating a text field within a movie clip didn't work for me, but just creating a text field did. I had tried this before but what I did wrong before was I was using .x instead of ._x to position the textfield.
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              FrankvZ Level 1
              I still have a small problem: I have decided I want the text to stay visible until I click on a different button. The problem is that the text field can get positioned over a button, blocking access to that button. Is there a way to make the text field "invisible to the mouse"?
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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                set your textfields' selectable property to false.