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    TabbedViewNavigatorApplication select+push?

    Don Kerr Level 3

      TabbedViewNavigatorApplication with 6 tabs.  Each tab has a first view.


      I want to programmatically set the selectedIndex of my app's tabbedNavigator AND push data to the first view of that selected tab.


      I'm currently using push to pass data to the first view.  Push works fine to change the view, but this of course doesn't change the selectedIndex of the tabbedNavigator itself.  So, it looks like the new tab is not selected, even though the correct view is loaded.


      I'd also like to set the selectedIndex of tabbedNavigator, however, tabbedNavigator.selectedIndex=1, still wants to reactivate the first view. Problem is, when it reactivates the first view, the required data is not there.  And I don't want to activate the view twice.


      How do I select a tab and pass data to the first view of that tab at the same time?



      Don Kerr