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    Two Writers on One Project Question

      Two writers will be updating a RoboHelp X5 project (Mainly replacing images. And we will use the same image name). Each writer has his/her Robohelp on his/her local drive. My guess is to put the project source files on a shared drive so both writers can work on the proect files at the same time. To avoid conflct, each writer will be limited to specific topic.

      (This project was previously generated as Web help and published to our company server. The published files were checked into PVCS (version management). I kept the source files and intend to edit them instead of the pub files that were checked into PVCS.)

      I would appreciate feedback on whether I am moving in the correct direction on this. If anyone has worked with multiple writers on updating one project, please let me know the correct way to do it.

      Thank you.
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          MergeThis Level 4
          Oh, boy, where to start?

          To edit any topics in RH, you need to open the RH project and make your changes. Unless you're using a very good source control product, and you all are very good in using it, no one else should open that project. Otherwise, conflicts will arise. If everyone working in RH is crucial, you could break up the project into pieces and set up a merged project. See Peter Grainge's tutorial.

          And, no, you should not even consider editing the pub files; it must be the source files.

          If all you're doing is replacing image files, you could simply paste the new ones to override the old ones, in Windows Explorer. If minor edits are needed to topic files, one user proficient in HTML code could open the HTM file in an ASCII editor such as Notepad or FrontPage.

          And absolutely do not work the project off the shared drive: LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL.

          Good luck,
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            dukeofbroadway Level 1
            Yes, we are only replacing image files. So--since no one here is familiar with merge-- if we do as you suggest using Windows Explorer, the steps will be:

            1) One writer works on his/her computer's local drive and the other writer works on his/her computer 's local drive (no shared drive).
            2) Each writer creates an Image folder on his/her computer's local drive
            3) Each writer captures (Snag-it) images from the application, opens the captured image in Photoshop and sizes the new image file to match the size and width, border, etc parameters of the image in the current Help's HTML code. (writer will have to view HTML code to get image size)
            4) Each writer will copy the new image files into his/her local drive-based Image folder--giving the new image the same name as the image that is being replaced).
            5) The image files in the first writer's Image folder are then copied to the Image other writer's Image folder.
            6) The new Image folder containing all the new image files is copied into the RoboHelp source directory, overwriting the old Image folder.
            7) The writer with the new Image folder (containing all the new images) then generates and publishers the RoboHelp project.

            Is this correct?
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi dukeofbroadway

              Not trying to derail the thread here, but if you are using SnagIt, what version? Have you tried resizing the image using SnagIt? I find that it does a marvelous job of this. Might save you the step of popping into another application.

              Cheers... Rick