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    Advice of Firewire Card

    rcaastro Level 1

      I need to add a Firewire card so I can capture video from my SONY Digital 8 Handycam that works perfectly well, but it is 12 years old.  It uses i.Link [Firewire 400].  Should I get a card with Firewire 800, in anticipation of a new video camera of some sort; I have read that it is backwards compatible. I have a PCIe x1 slot available.  Any suggestions on model, make, etc?  Any that I should stay away from?  It seems that all of the user reviews have both positive and negative comments about the same make and model, and that some may not be Windows 7 ready.


      Is it advisable to get a dedicated Firewire card, as opposed to one that also has a USB ports?


      Thanks for any and all help.



      DELL XPS 8300, WINDOWS 7 Professional 64 bit

      i-7 2600 CPU at 3.4 GHz with 8 cores

      8 GB RAM

      2 internal 1 TB HDs

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can't get a Firewire 800 if you'd like, but it's not necessary. Video streams in quite well on any basic IEEE-13994 connection.


          But if you get a card that also has other ports on it, I'd recommend you not use the other ports while you're capturing video.


          Meantime, when you do install the card, go to your Device Manager and make sure that Windows 7 installs the Legacy Driver and not the Windows 7 FireWire driver. The Windows 7 driver has some problems interfacing with video.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            While I use FW-800, or IEEE-1394b (in an ExpressCard on the laptop, and on a PCIe card on the workstation), I only use those connections for my FW-800 externals. I know of no camera, that uses FW-800. With more and more cameras going to various forms of flash media, I doubt that we will see many, if any, that get outfitted with FW-800. We might see a few, that go to USB 3, but that is for file transfer, which differs from Capture in several ways.


            Though there are several cards out there, that offer both FW-400 and 800, I have not used on in a very long time. Never had an issue, but as Steve says, you want any camera to be on a dedicated chip, when doing Captures. Many computers have several FW-400 ports, but the majority do not have those on separate controller chips - they are all just wired to the single controller chip. Always keep any camera as the only device on any controller chip - no daisy-chaining either - one device for one controller chip.


            Good luck,



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              Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

              As far as I am concerned only CS5.5 has a problem and not a i7 64 bit Quad Core , not Premiere Elements, not older versions of Premiere Pro and definitly not Sony Vegas with an IEEE 1394A Card .You do not have to change anything in the computer to get all the other programs to work.

              I ran 50  x1.5 hour tapes off a Sony Digital 8 TRV460E PAL shot on Canon EX1 Hi-8 for editing into Premiere Pro 1.5.1 with no issues just recently.

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                rcaastro Level 1

                Thanks for the help folks.  I wound up with a SIIGFirewire 2-port PCie card, have installed it and I'm sure it will work well.


                Let's consider this cloasewd.