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    New to Premiere, from Final Cut. Help editing native RED r3d


      I am one of the many new converts to Premiere Pro CS5.5 from Final Cut after many years using the Apple software. I want to dive right in and start editing with Premiere, but I've run into an immediate snag.


      First, I have heard endless discussion about Premiere Pro's abillity to edit raw RED footage natively. Just drag in the r3d files and go. Yet, I haven't even been able to get Premiere to get me this far in my editing workflow. I have worked extensively with RED footage, and in the past I was transcoding in Final Cut to a Pro Res (Proxy) and conforming/onlining at the end using log and transfer or RED alert. Naturally, I was excited to be able to drop in native RED files and never have to online at the end. Here's where my problem comes in: I drag in the r3d files from a recent shoot. 4k 23.967 shot on RED. I double click the clip in my project to open it in the source monitor and all I get is black. I can't scrub, I can't playback video or audio to make my cuts; all I get is timecode. HOWEVER, if I drag the r3d file straight to the timeline, I get picture/sound and everything. Of course, this is no way to edit and I can't just be dropping full clips into the sequence and trying to trim from there. Like any editor, I want to be able to double click my clip, scrub through it in the source monitor, and find the particular take I want to use. THEN, I add it to my timeline.

      WHY am I not able to see/edit the raw r3d files in my source monitor? Has anyone experienced this problem? Frustrated and unable to start using this highly touted Premiere (which I wholeheartedly want to believe in). Please instruct me so I can get up and running with my RED footage. In the meantime, it's back to Final Cut 7...


      I should mention that I am using a Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz Mac Pro with 15GM Ram and an ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card. I have heard NVIDIA is the way to go, but we aren't upgrading/changing graphics cards in the immediate future. So for now, this is what I will be using. Hopefully this is not the sole reason I can't playback/see anything in my source monitor with my r3d files.



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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Your system is perfectly capable of playing these back, so it's more likely just a driver or configuration issue.


          As such, check that your video and sound drivers are up-to-date. If they are or that doesn't solve it, have a look at this KB article: Playback stops or loops after few seconds or frames | Soundbooth, Adobe Premiere Pro | CS5, CS5.5 | Mac OS 10.6.x. I realize that does not describe your issue completely, but this has been a common source and solution of playback issues with Macs. Try out these things, and if nothing changes, post back and we'll take it from there.

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            daniel_bark Level 1

            Thanks for your quick reply, Colin


            My RED drivers, my Blackmagic drivers and my software for my Mac are all up-to-date. I still can't see anything in the source window. As a result, when I started this project I had to instead use my transcoded 1920x1080 Pro Res Proxy files from Final Cut to edit this spot. Now I am at the online stage and it appears I have to send an XML back to Final Cut to Log and Transfer the Red footage to an acceptable online format (in this case, Pro Res (HQ)).


            I wanted to start this project using the raw r3d files so I could just edit and conform in one step. Now I am merely posing this question so I can figure it out before the next project. Let me know what I can do to edit RED natively in Premiere.


            I have also tried the solution posted in the link you provided. Still, to no avail.


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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              OK, the Blackmagic card and drivers would have been a good first mention, simply because that can change how things are set up in Premiere Pro.


              Just to clarify: are you seeing anything in the Source Monitor? It sounds like your ProRes clips were working there...?


              In the Premiere Pro Preferences, go to Player Settings and check which player module you're using (should be either the Adobe Player or the BMD one); try changing this and see if anything changes in the SM.

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                daniel_bark Level 1

                Excellent! Changing to the Adobe player solved that problem (although, of course, it presented new problems, all related to Blackmagic card). Also, to answer your question-- yes, the pro res proxy files were working fine in Premiere.


                Now I can see and edit my r3d files, which was paramount. However, now I can't get either the source monitor or program monitor to output playback through the blackmagic card to my external monitors (42" LCD and a smaller 17" Sony color correction monitor). I should note that both of these monitors are routed through my blackmagic card so they don't show up as options under the "playback settings" tab in the source/program monitors. Do I need to rerout these monitors differently so that Premiere Pro recognizes them and will utilize them as external monitors? I need them to playback for clients, bosses, etc.


                Another note-- If I make my sequence a blackmagic preset, it will output the program monitor but only playback a few frames and then freeze. If I make it a RED cinema preset, it will playback fluidly but won't output to my external monitors.

                The freezing, in my assumption, is due to the fact that the only blackmagic editing mode available is uncompressed 10bit, which doesn't playback well (it uses an editing mode of uncompressed 10bit even when I pick JPEG for the sequence preset).


                I guess, in summary, my question is-- does blackmagic not integrate well with Premiere Pro CS5.5? Should I re-rout the monitors not using a BNC cable into the blackmagic card, but instead DVI them into the back of the Mac Pro? Thanks again Colin,



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                  JCBendock Level 1

                  Had the same amount of fun as you and concluded the same. PP's way of working with blackmagic cards suck. It works fine in AE but they just cant seem to get it right here. Adobe said that they will be addressing this in the next paid version, CS6

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                    daniel_bark Level 1

                    Ha! Thanks and I'm glad you came to the same assumption. Blackmagic + FCP just doesn't work the same as Blackmagic + PP. Thanks for all the quick answers! You guys are lifesavers!