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    How to create an immovable popup

    iamcootis Level 1

      So I have extened TitleWindow and created class PopUpStatic.


      From here I want to be able to place PopUps where the users mouseX and mouseY coordinates are. Inside my popUpStatic class I have a function called show().


      Inside show I set the position and then I called:


      PopUpManager.addPopUp(this, popUpParent, true); to add the popup.


      The problem with this is the user can still drag the popUp around the screen.


      I've read on a blog that I can use:


      this.isPopUp = false;

      PopUpManager.createPopUp(this, StaticPopUp, true));


      to make the popUp immovable. Unfortunately, when I call this, the Popup never even appears. Is there no way to make a popUp immovable by using PopUpManager.addPopUp()?