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    Non modal PopUpManager blocking mouse events

    Green Goby

      In our application we have a header, footer and center area.  We have a situation where we want to block the header and center area with a popup, but leave the footer area so it can be clicked on.  The code works fine and it all looks good, except the mouse events are blocked to the footer.  If we slightly resize the window (either with the mouse or programatically) it all "wakes up" and starts working.  I have tried all sorts of invalidateDisplayList, validateDisplayList, validateNow, etc.  I am throwing this out there to see if anyone else has had this problem and if there is something I am missing.  I can't easily share my code, but if I don't get a reply I'll put together a code example to see if I can recreate it.  Any ideas are very welcome.  Been scratching my head at this one for 3 days now.