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    Flash will not work on server

      I created a magic 8 ball type-game for a website, and when I test it inside the flash environment and outside on my computer, it works like a champ (except for the text field where people upload questions flashing quickly each time the button is depressed to ask), however when I upload it via ftp to the server, it will not work at all. The movie is there and it goes about halfway through the timeline, and shuts down. With the exception of some stop(); commands, this is the bulk of my actionscript and it is attached to my button:

      on (release) {
      // make list of possible responses
      responses = new Array();
      responses.push("FO' SHIZZLE");
      responses.push("NO WAY");
      responses.push("ASK ME AGAIN LATER");
      responses.push("NO DOUBT");
      responses.push("NOT IN THIS LIFE");
      responses.push("IT COULD HAPPEN");
      responses.push("YOU BEEN DRINKING?");
      responses.push("IN YOUR DREAMS");
      responses.push("IT COULD HAPPEN");
      responses.push("IT'S NOT LOOKING GOOD");

      // get number of responses
      n = responses.length;

      // pick random response
      r = Int(Math.random()*n);

      // place response in text area
      fortune = responses[r];

      // start animation

      Why is this not working? My dynamic text is being blown out at the end and the text box is flashing. On the dynmaic text instance, I have "answer_txt.stop():"

      It works fine locally. Here is the address: http://d14684333.r200.radiowebworks.com/magicbulb.html
      Thanks for the help!