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    Change a variable to a dynamic variable for a sub-process

    Han Dao Level 1



      I am working on a process "TestA" that calls sub-process "TestB" where each of them currently have a variable "formVar" that was configured with a "xfaform" to call a specific form. Currently every time, developers want to use that sub-process "TestB" they have to make a copy of it then have to go the sub-process "TestB" to change that "formVar" to point to their form. So if the "TestB" is modified/updated then they have to their copy to also update it. This seem to be a time consuming for keeping track of it.
      My question: Is there a way to make a sub-process "TestB" to use as a standard one with a dynamic variable so the developer can just use it as a service without having a concern of keeping track of whether it updates or not.  Or even it is updated, it won't affect process "TestA' or other process that currenlty use that sub-process.
      Can any one please adivse.
      Han Dao