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    Need help with print settings


      Hi I have built several websites and website interactive attributes in InDesign, but never designed anything for print publication before. My boss is wanting me to create a brochure for our company, which I have it all layed out, but  can not get it to print to the edges of the paper. Is there certain setting for the bleeds and gutter that make it print to the edge of the paper? If so, what are they and where do I set them from? Thanks in advance to any help. PS I love ADOBE products and would never usee anything else, I have CS3-5.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Printing bleeds is a function of the device that does the printing as well as including something in the layout that extends to the edge. In traditional printing the bleed extends beyond the edge of the page and the print is done on a lrger sheet of paper, then trimmed to final size which removes the excess. Some desktop printers that are designed for printing photos have full bleed capabilities on some sizes of paper, but for the most part desktop or office class printers all have an unprintable area around the outside edge. There is nothing you can do to put ink inthat non-printing area. If the printer supports a larger sheet, you can extend the art beyond the edge, as with tradional press work, and print onthe larger sheet, then trim.

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            Thanks, I was afraid of that. It is an office zerox printer and I have adjusted the margins settings to 0 for it; but still have that .25 unprinted area.