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    1hr sequence Saying 34hrs to export.

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      Seriously I have tried everything. My only assumption is that Adobe's amazing way of working with Red footage is not that great.

      Im on a 12core 2.93Ghz Mac pro w/ 32GB Ram, Footage is on a 32TB Dual 8gb Fibre connected Raid Pushing about 700-900MB a sec. It now says 35hrs yea!.   If someone can chime in and tell me were i have missed the boat Ill buy you a beer.

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          well, you didn't say what codec you are exporting to, the bitrate, the actual timeline setup, if it is one or two pass, CBR or VBR.


          are you using Adobe Remiere 5.5? If so, I would definitely reboot and restart Premiere. Then I would export to AME and deal with it in the Encoder or directly through trhe encoder by loading the sequence in AME.


          Be careful with quality settings too!


          Experiment by creating a smaller workspace and see what happens for 5 minutes but make sure to set that up in encoder before you press start.


          5.4 is DEF faster than 5.0 BTW

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            Codec: DNxHD 175 8bit 1080p 23.98



            Adobe Premiere 5.5 =Yes


            I canceld the export, Thought I would try Rendering First. 131 hrs estimated and going up.

            For export i usually open the project from AME and choose the sequence.

            This is a very straight cut the only thing on here is some scaling.


            It is being sent to another editor so retaining the highest quality possible is key. At first we sent an AAF but none of the scaling came over to the avid, in addition to that we had to manually relink all the media for AMA. It is my understanding that Avid dosent resample the R3D when scalling and only resizes the 1080 file. Making it musshy. So the objective is to undercut the spot and use the scaled images from my render. 


            As A test I turned off the video layer and hit export it says it is going to take over 2 hrs to render a black frame.......