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    Links are in the file, it says on PB, but are not accessible... what to do?!


      I exported my final file to PDF to send to my proofreader and one spread was corrupted after a crash and recovery. The spread is now blank. The objects that were on that page are listed in the links, but no longer attached to a particular page number. In links, where the page number would be, it says "PB". I cannot see them on the page, or the pasteboard. There is nothing locked or hidden. When I try to delete the spread, it says there are objects on the page (objects I cannot see). It's a yearbook and I worked three days on the this final spread and of course should have made a back up before finalizing the file, but did not. Has anyone had this experience and been able to recover the invisible PB items? When I try to go to the object through the PB link, it crashes In Design. Getting desperate! Would really love to not have to rebuild the top of my large mountain :-) THX in advance!