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    Rename RH6/FlashHelp Pro Files

    V Jordan

      I’ve developed and maintained an online Help file in RoboHelp 6 and published the Help in FlashHelp Pro.


      Our product development team informed us of an incompatibility issue with the [Product Name].htm file. The product name includes a plus sign (+) which breaks the Help Contents in the latest Operating System (i.e., Win 2008 r2 (IIS 7). It’s my understanding that Microsoft now follows web standards more accurately so the plus sign (+) in the file name causes issues.


      Have taken the opportunity to correct the file name issue by removing the plus sign (+) in RoboHelp 6 with the following steps:

      ·         Renamed the project. For example, File>Rename Project…

      ·         Renamed the project title. For example, File>Project Setting

      ·         Renamed the DestinationProjectName in the FlashHelp Pro.ssl file


      Once I renamed these items without the plus sign (+) in the name, I saved and closed the file. Reopened the file and generated the file in FlashHelp Pro (primary layout).

      However, there are still files (listed below) that are generated (possibly?) with the product name including a plus sign (+).








      How do I go about changing the file name for these files? Is there another config file that I can open?


      Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.

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          Amebr Level 4

          I'm not completely familiar with Flash Help Pro output, but I don't think any of those files make it into the output, so shouldn't affect the final help.


          For me, the project.ppf, project.stp, project.syn files are only located in my source directory, not in my webhelp output directory.