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    Best PC Laptop Specs & Suggestions for Photoshop & Illustrator


      Hi Everyone!

      As I am sifting through the posts regarding laptops - I figured I'd post my own as my requirements are a little different.  I am looking to buy a new windows laptop.  I work with Photoshop and Illustrator and basic office programs like outlook, word and excel.  I have CS3 but will upgrade with the new laptop purchase - so running CS5.5 (or better) is required.  I want to spend what is required to get the job done well - not more - but I don't want to be cheap either - it needs to work well & not hamper my workflow.  This will be my only computer.  Being efficient is key.  I use Adobe to do graphics for apparel: (embroideries, prints, logos, etc.) and small business (logos, print media, etc.).  I work in actual size – so a lot of what I do is on a 20 x 30 art board.  Suggestions on the specs and/or actual laptop models would be great.  Thanks so much for your help - it is all so confusing!