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    190 min DVD Creation


      I have a 190 minute avi file that I want to burn to DVD.  I have 8.5GB DVD+R  but the Premiere software says I do not have enough space.  I've created DVDs on this PC using this type of DVD but nothing this large (created 138 minute DVDs).  How do I adjust the parameters in Premiere so it realizes I have a larger DVD 8.5 as compared to the standard 4.7?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As a rule of thumb, you can fit about 70 minutes of high quality video on a standard DVD and about twice that on a dual-layer disc. So over three hours on a single disc is probably pretty excessive.


          If you absolutely need to fit a movie that long on a single disc, you may want to look into a program called DVD Shrink, available online. It does a very good job of compressing DVDs down to size. You'll likely need to output a DVD quality MPEG from Premiere Elements and then use DVD Shrink to author and create the disc.


          But a wiser move would be break that video into two discs and maintain the highest video quality.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I do a lot of work with DVD-9's (DL/8.5GB), and can fit ~ 240 mins. onto one, with acceptable qualtiy, but have to admit that I have never authored one in PrE. I use Adobe Encore, which comes with PrPro.


            What follows is shere speculation on my part: PrE does much of its authoring automatically, and many of the possible settings are "behind-the-scenes," so the user does not have as much control, as with a full-featured authoring app. The Bit-Rate of the Transcoding is established by PrE, and will be be VBR 2-pass. The only input that the user has is via a Quality slider, rather than access to the exact numbers. The Bit-Rate determines two things: Quality and file size, i.e. how compressed the resultant MPEG-2 file will be. If you have told PrE that your destination is a DVD-9 (DL/8.5), and it is throwing a "too little space" error, about all that you can do is to lower the Quality. PrE (like Encore) has a minimum Bit-Rate, that it will allow, which should be about 2.5 MB/Sec. If you have adjusted the Quality down, and still cannot fit the material, I will second Steve's suggestion for DVDShrink. Normally, one would Burn to Folder, and then run those files through DVDShrink, but I do not believe that PrE allows one to choose a Custom media size, above 8.5GB, so I see a potential problem there. One possible workaround would be to use a full-featured authoring application, that does allow for a Custom destination size, Export/Share from PrE as an MPEG-2, and then Import that into the authoring app., where the Menus, and navigation would be done. Then, the DVD Folder and files would be output, and that would be used in DVDShrink to squeeze more space. I have had to do similar out of Encore, where I had more than would fit onto a DVD-9, but only by a bit. DVDShrink did get me that extra squeeze, and then I was able to make the material fit. However, with Encore being able to handle ~ 240 mins. of Duration onto a DVD-9, I have not needed this workflow but a very few times.


            I am surprised that PrE is having trouble fitting 190 mins. onto a DVD-9. Have you insured that you set PrE for an 8.5GB disc? Have you adjusted the Quality slider down, and tested?


            Good luck, and maybe others, who author DVD-9's in PrE can chime in with their exact steps, and what Durations have worked well for them. I am at a bit of a loss in that area.



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              rcddmom Level 1

              Thanks for the help; I really appreciate it.  Being failrly new to Premiere I can not see where in the settings I tell PremiereE to set the DVD to DVD-9.  Could you guide me on this; I appologize for my ignorance.  I have heard of DVD Shrink  and used that program a couple of years ago.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                In PrE 4.0, the capacity of the blank disc is set automatically, just by having it in the destination burner. This graphic shows what I see, with some annotations.



                I use DVD-9 (DL +) blank media. IIRC, Encore will ONLY write to DVD DL + media, and not DL - (minus) media, at least in my version of that program. That could be the same for PrE too?


                Good luck,



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