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    indesign export text as rtf with links

    M Karthik Level 1



      I have an indesign file with lot of math type equation are EPS as in links.

      Now I want extract the indesign file as rtf format. I know math type is not directly support the indesign. So I want to get the links name and delete the links from the indesign document. My script is getting the link name. I don’t know how to delete the links and place the link name the relevant position.


      my script is:


      for(var myLinkCounter = app.activeDocument.links.length -1 ; myLinkCounter > 0; myLinkCounter --)
          myLink = app.activeDocument.links.item(myLinkCounter);
                      if (myLinkName.indexOf("Eqn"))





      Please help me for further............



      M. Karthikeyan