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    how to achieve shadow in this guys?


      hi...any advice in how to built the shadow for this guys??..thanks..i cant figure it out how...PA AFTER.jpg

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Because all of your actors are in a different 3D plane you'll have to separate each out on their own layer, then position them in 3D space. You'll also need to create a 3D floor for them to stand on. This layout is the trickey part because it's difficult to match the perspective by eye. The best hint that I can give you is that perspective is a function of camera position (which should be at it's default position) and that the zoom factor is only used to frame up the shot.


          The 3D floor is made of a white solid with accepts lights turned off and accepts shadows turned on. You could then multiply this layer over the original JPG background shot.


          I hope this points you in the right direction. Faking shadows in 3D space isn't easy.

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