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    Dynamic linking to After Effects, retaining handles


      Hi everyone, I apologise in advance if this has already been covered in another thread.  I had a good look around and while some discussions were hinting at this, none covered the specific problem that I have. 


      Initially I had the same problem as a few people have had - when I right clicked clips in my Premiere timeline and selected "Replace with After Effects composition", I was confused and annoyed as to why my transitions no longer worked in Premiere.  I now understand that it's to do with handles (the parts of a clip before the in and after the out points that allow you to do things like cross dissolves right?) and the fact that dynamically linked AE clips don't automatically account for them.  The original clip is long enough to deal with transitions but my dynamically linked clip starts and stops at the in/out points, not leaving me enough spare frames to cross dissolve.


      Okay, so finally my question.  Is there a simple way, when dynamic linking, to make AE account for handles?  That is, to make it use enough of the original clips, to give it enough on either side of my in/out points that I can still cross dissolve?


      I'd appreciate any help with this.