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    RH9 Crashing When Generating WebHelp - MAJOR Help Needed

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      Our software release date is next Thursday, August 18th, so I'm a bit panicky. What's happening has never happened before. Every time I try to generate WebHelp, RH9 crashes while "Updating Files". There are two of us working on the project...maybe something has gotten messed up? Can anyone tell me what I should check, or what I should do? Below is a screenshot of the error, as well as the error report itself.




      In the above screenshot, you can see the Output View at the bottom of the window, and the crash happens during "Updating files..."  Does anyone know what this means? I REALLY need help. If I can't get this figured out, we're in major trouble - possibly no Help released for our product. A trillion thanks in advance for anyone who can help.




      Below is the contents of the error report


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