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    Organising Colour Swatches Tab/Palette

    goanna2 Level 1

      Hi everyone

      Re: InDesign CS5 colour swatch palette/tab.

      I do artwork for two monthly magazines which consist of editorial and paid advertisements. These ads are either designed by me or supplied by customers and change regularly. Over the years of receiving artwork in various formats - pdf being the most common, my swatches palette has grown to be almost out of control. Every month I do a sweep of the swatches, removing unused and converting any spot to cmyk manually (I have had transparency issues with spot colours), but my main issue is with the jumble of colour swatches. I know if I create a new document and import all the swatches from the previous month issues, the swatches will arrange themselves in order - all PMS colours together, all cmyk colours together etc, but as I don't necessarily want to create new artwork each month I open up last month's doc and strip out old text, ads and replace with the current monthlySwatches Tab (half in view).png info.

      Is there any way I can arrange my swatches in order?

      My screenshot only shows half of the swatches in the palette.

      I would be really grateful if someone could show me how to fix this, I accept that I may have some bad working practices going on here.

      Thanks, Liz