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    audio issues with preloader for slide presentation

      Building a slide presentation of twenty some slides, each of which has audio (each wav file exported in the library with a linkage name and attached to the slide with an attach.Sound script). When it came time to throw a preloader onto slide 1 I discovered that preloaders are not possible with a slide presentation (kind of new to this Flash stuff).

      From this forum, I found that I could make a preloader, which I really have my heart set on, providing that I loaded my slide presentation swf into a preloader movie that was the same exact size as my main movie. This preloader movie would include the loader component and a progress bar component and action script on frame 1 that looked like this:

      listenerObject = new Object();
      listenerObject.complete = function(eventObject) {
      myLoadBar._visible = false;
      myLoader.addEventListener("complete", listenerObject);

      My slide presentation movie does load into the preloader movie as advertised, however there are a couple of issues. To begin with, the slide presentation is much smaller than it should be. In addition to that, there is no audio. Why is there no audio?