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    [AS] Wrongly selecting every page item?

    SuperMacGuy Level 2

      I have some documents (all made from the same templates) that are incorrectly selecting items that are not on the page. When I "tell page 1, select every page item", I get multiple items that are on the pasteboard in the selection as well. Selecting every text frame will select some of the pasteboard items, selecting every group will also select items on the pasteboard, same for every rectangle. None of these objects are on or touching the document bounds at all. They are inside of the slug area, but not inside of the bleed area. There are also other objects in the slug area that are **not** being selected.

      One possible link is that some of these items were definitely on the page previously, before we changed some templates, or were on the page bounds in the template and then were moved from the page onto the pasteboard.

      I have tried to compare a wrongly selected off-page item and an unselected off-page item and see no difference when looking at the object properties; aside from the expected things like item ID, content, etc. Parent is the same.

      I have also converted the document to IDML and reopened it, in the usual attempt to "clean" it, but there is no change in behavior.

      Anyone have an idea what might be the issue or how to work around it?




      OS X 10.6.4, CS5 (7.0.4)