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    InDesign problem after moving files to other drive

    Earth Guest

      I have a Mac Pro 2 x 2.6 GHz Quad-Core processor running OSX 10.6.8 with 16Gigs of RAM. I purchased CS5 about 5 months ago. I've been storing all my InDesign files on my Startup disk. Recently, in an effort to speed up my machine, I cleaned up my Fonts folder and copied all my InDesign files from my Startup disk to another internal drive (I have 4 internals and one external). After I transfered the files and then tried to open an InDesign file I got the eternal beach ball, no file would open and the app was stuck. I had to Force Quit (actually I had to do Command/Option ESC, as normal Force Quit wasn't accessable). Then, as I opened InDesign back up, the ID document that I was trying to open came up as the InDesign app opened. This happened every time.


      I tried putting my ID files back on the Startup drive to see if that made a difference, but it did not. Now, whenever I open ANY InDesign file, the same process occurs. Spinning ball until I do a C/O ESC, restart InDesign, and then the file opens when the application reopens.


      I have reinstalled InDesign twice (actually all of CS5 twice) and the problem has not been fixed. Of, course I'd like to know if anyone can suggest a solution. But also an answer to this question... If I go through the reinstall process and the installer sees that InDesign is already installed, does it skip the reinstallation process itself? I mean, do I need to uninstall InDesign before attempting to reinstall it? Will it not let me reinstall it over itself? Because just reinstalling doesn't correct my problem. Otherwise, I'd assume it's either an unknown InDesign issue or something else not connected to InDesign, e.g. something to do with the operating system.


      If it is a problem with the operating system, somehow caused by copying my files to another drive (which I don't understand), I can try reinstalling OSX 10.6.8. But I'm hoping I can find a solution without doing that.


      I'm very confused. If anyone can help I would sincerely appreciate it.


      Thank you,


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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Well, the question is why InDesign is hanging.

          Make it hang, run Activity Monitor, select InDesign, and choose Sample Process.

          Upload the results to pastebin.com (do not upload them here! the forum becomes unnavigable) and paste a link here. We'll tell you waht it 's doing, which should help find the problem.


          Are you running InDesign 7.0.4? Have you tried another user account? Have you trashed your InDesign preferences?

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            Earth Guest Level 1


            Many thanks for your reply. I will try your suggestions and post results here.



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              Earth Guest Level 1

              John, I'm using InDesign 7.0.4. Trashing the preferences did nothing.

              I made it hang again and uploaded the sample from the activity monitor. I'm assuming I did it correctly. Not sure.


              Anyway, this it the link...




              Thank you!


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                John Hawkinson Level 5

                Greetings, non-Earthling:


                You did it correctly, but it does look like it doesn't have quite as much information as I was hoping for; in particular,

                some of the symbols, like "GetPlugin," are ambiguous between modules, and it would be really nice to know which module it means (every module has a GetPlugin).


                So, back in Activity Monitor, can you please instead run View > Send Signal: Abort (SIGABRT). That will cause InDesign to actually crash, but it will produce a crash report that disambiguous the symbols. (Then upload that one as well).


                Lacking full information, so speculating, I seem to recall that CTCleanup functions were indicative of font-related problems, so you might also look there. An easy test is to remove all non-system fonts, temporarily, and see if that solves the problem. If so, add them in by halves. Another is look for SING-related problems. See http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/408/kb408816.html.

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                  Earth Guest Level 1


                  I've done the code the way you prescribed (SIGABRT) and uploaded it to pastebin.com. I may try the font removal and put back in halves. I used to do that trouble shooting OS9 all the time years ago. I knew 9 like the back of my hand. I just never bothered to learn OSX.


                  Thanks for your help in this, John.




                  Michael "EarthGuest" Wheeler

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                    John Hawkinson Level 5

                    Oh, right. Of course, CT is Adobe CoolType, so CTCleanup() is the CoolType cleanup function.

                    Anyhow, it's definitely fonts:


                    Thread 0 Crashed:  Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
                    0   AdobeCoolType                      0x00902cdb CTCleanup + 324935
                    1   AdobeCoolType                      0x00906115 CTCleanup + 338305
                    2   AdobeCoolType                      0x009046d2 CTCleanup + 331582
                    3   AdobeCoolType                      0x008ab7cd 0x855000 + 354253
                    4   ...adobe.InDesign.Font Manager     0x1d9e67ea 0x1d9db000 + 47082
                    5   ...adobe.InDesign.Font Manager     0x1d9e6fc0 0x1d9db000 + 49088
                    6   ...adobe.InDesign.Font Manager     0x1da6e3cf GetPlugIn + 440303
                    7   ...adobe.InDesign.Font Manager     0x1da203a7 GetPlugIn + 120775
                    8   ...adobe.InDesign.Font Manager     0x1da29dfe GetPlugIn + 160286
                    9   ...adobe.InDesign.Font Manager     0x1da0e2d8 GetPlugIn + 46840
                    10  ...adobe.InDesign.Font Manager     0x1da0fe28 GetPlugIn + 53832
                    11  ...adobe.InDesign.Font Manager     0x1da10249 GetPlugIn + 54889
                    12  ...adobe.InDesign.Font Manager     0x1da34dc4 GetPlugIn + 205284
                    13  ...adobe.InDesign.AppFramework     0x16a923cf GetPlugIn + 54943
                    14  ...adobe.InDesign.AppFramework     0x16a92c59 GetPlugIn + 57129
                    15  ...e.InDesign.Document Actions     0x1e934d5c 0x1e933000 + 7516
                    16  ...e.InDesign.Document Actions     0x1e935344 0x1e933000 + 9028
                    17  PublicLib.dylib                    0x01164422 Command::DoImmediate(short) + 34
                    18  com.adobe.InDesign.Utilities       0x17bdaaa3 0x17bd9000 + 6819


                    So yeah, "see above." Remove fonts.


                    Of course, an invalid font shouldn't crash InDesign. So in your free time, feel free to file a bug with Adobe. Best way is via Adobe Support at http://adobe.com/go/supportportal, though if you don't want feedback (and probably won't get anywhere), you can fill out the form at  http://adobe.com/go/wish.

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                      Earth Guest Level 1

                      So there is a corrupt font? I wonder why it chose to gimp up when I transfered files? Well, I have a lot of ******* fonts from many sources over the years, so I'm not really surprised. Or maybe I could use a Font repair program. Anyway, if it's fonts I'll fix that. Then InDesign should just open fine, huh? Okay.


                      I sincerely appreciate your time and effort, John.




                      p.s. Ooops, I used the "b" word and got censored! Let's see if this spelling gets caught... "bass terd fonts".