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    LoadXML external XML


      Hello everybody,

      Question, How I can load the external xml file data in the form.

      For examle I have owned a dropdown list box that contains the following give: A, B, C.

      And then I have fields in my form: TextField1, TextField2,textField3.

      By changing event dropdownlist box I must load the xml dynamically:


      The XML file is loaded in the fields fill in the form:
      for example:
      textField1.rawValue = C.textForField1
      textField2.rawValue = C.textForField2
      textField3.rawValue = C.textForField3

      Does anyone could give me an example how I shouldproceed?
      Thank you in advance.



      Here is my scipt // don't work



      Projects.Page1.lstProjects::change - (JavaScript, client)


      var xmlURL = "http://www.mywebsite.com/userdata/myXML-"+xfa.event.newText+".xml";

      app.alert(xmlURL); //work, response : http://www.mywebsite.com/userdata/myXML-A.xml";


      xfa.datasets.loadXML(xmlURL, false, false);


      var projectXML=xfa.datasets.resolveNode("Project");

      app.alert(projectXML); // don't work

      var numberOfNodes = projectXML.nodes.length;

      app.alert(numberOfNodes); //don't work


      Here is the structure of myXML file (myXML-A.xml) :




      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <!DOCTYPE Project SYSTEM ".dtd/project.dtd">



           <Title>Title of my test project</Title>

           <DateReceived showFormat="YYYY-MM-DD" defaultFormat="YYYY-MM-DD">2011-06-30</DateReceived>