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    CS3 Index Won't Generate Correctly


      Hi all,


      So I'm indexing a large-ish (about 400 pages) book in CS3, and there's an odd glitch that I can't seem to get rid of.

      It'll generate an index just fine, but it's missing some of the entries. I've updated the preview, told it to replace the old index, etc., but the most recent entries are still missing when the index is generated.

      However, if I generate an index for just a single chapter (i.e. do not click "include book documents"), the resulting index will contain all of the entries for that particular chapter. No more missing entries. And yet, as soon as I click "include book documents," the resulting index will drop those entries.

      For example, when I index the chapter on "Tel Aviv," without any of the other book documents, under "A" we have:


      Ashkelon 155


      But when I click "include book documents," under "A" we have


      Akko 198

      Alma Cave (Tzfat) 243


      and nothing else.


      The chapter is showing up as part of the bookfile, so I don't quite understand why there are these strange omissions.

      Anyone have any advice?