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    Transparency in .gifs is inherited over states?


      Hi there,

      I am working on this menu bar, which has three states. The first state, is black type on a white background, which i want to have transparant in the final .gif. The second and third state are white type on a coloured background, which i want to have as is, in a .gif.

      I export all three states (that consist of multiple slices as well) at the same time, really convenient. So far so good.


      But, when I select the white colour in a slice in the first state, to make it transparent in my .gif, the white in this particular slice my other states (2 and 3) switches to transparent as well.... And that's not what i want. Since it are three different states, i need to be able to select transparency per state.(The outcome are around 18 different .gif files anyway)


      Anyone else experienced this? Using fireworks CS5.0.


      Since I export all at the same time, it is a pain to export the first state separately again, as you will understand.

      Maybe someone knows a workaround, or is it just a thing i am going to have to live with...


      Thanks in advance for your answers,


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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Anything covered with a single slice, like a button, inherits the same export settings. If you choose white as the transparent color, white will be the transparent color on all states. What is the background color of the page you will be placing the navbar on?

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            Anke_W Level 1

            Linda, thank you for the explanation.

            Though it might not sound logical to me, it is indeed by design.

            The background of the menubar is whit-ish on the normal state, but has a red tab in the background on the hover state. The tab is added with css, so i need white type in the hover state. Since the background om the normal state is not fully white, i needed the white background in the normal state to be transparent.


            I tink this is a pretty rare case, since normally you would expect the background to be the same, so i can understand the logic in Fireworks behaviour. However, because the gifs use a different color scheme for each state (because it is rebuild to match the colors), you get the impression that the full color scheme of the gif and thus the transparency, can also be edited per state. That's where i got cofused.


            Thanks again for your answer!