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    Tabbing problem - Searching the hierarchy.


      I have a tabbing problem which I suspect is really an inability to find the correct position in the form hierarchy.


      I have a subform, a fairly large one, that takes up almost half the page.  It starts on the lower half of the page so that when I press the Add button twice, the two new instances appear on a new page which follows the current page.


      I can tab forward through all three instances of the subform fine.  The problem occurs when I try to tab back from the first field of the second instance across a page break to the last field of the first instance.  I can't seem to find the location.


      Here's the code which sets the location in the hierarchy (It's the Delete button of the previous subform instance that I'm trying to reach):


      var i = .parent.instanceManager.index - 1;

      var back=parent[i].Delete.somExpression;


      "i" keeps coming back correct but someExpression keeps coming back as null.  Where am I going wrong?

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          JLAFARGUE Level 1

          Oops.  This is the corrected code:



          var i = parent.instanceManager.index - 1;

          var back=parent[i].Delete.somExpression;

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            JLAFARGUE Level 1

            Ok, I solved the problem on my own, but I it has led to some questions on how LiveCycle acts.  What was happening was this:  Anytime the user did anything that caused a repainting of the screen, tabbing from page-to-page was disrupted.  The cursor always ended up in a field which was on the master page.  What I ended up doing was putting this code (this.access = "protected") in the layout:ready event of each field on the master page.   When I did that, tabbing worked correctly.


            Could somebody explain how the fact that an unprotected field on the master page could interrupt my tabbing sequence?