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    InDesign CS 5.5 'Override Master Page' items does not work


      I'm working to set up a template with layers that have different art on each layer to cycled as a different layer used on each page.

      They are all on the master page with only one turned on.


      Draging down page two, turning off the first piece of art and on the second, which is on the next layer down, changes both the Master layer and page 1. "Overiding the master.." on each page does not work at all.


      Whatever is the latest layer that is turned on, changes all of the pages so to match. "Detach" which I found online as one way of selecting one element on the page to be changed, does not show up anywhere.

      It's like they are linked in reverse. Page 3, even with the overide checked,  selecting a different layer will not only change page 3, but it changes page 1 and 2, and it changes the master page.

      Any ideas?