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    How do I make Flash use the original Photoshop file, not a .png one?

    sandra valenca

      Hi, this might be kind of a basic question/problem but I can't seem get Google to help me. Since I've recently started out with Flash, I guess I just missed some newbie thing out, still very greatful for help though, since this'll soon be causing a brain hemorrage...


      Ok, here goes: 


      I'd like to draw key frames in Flash, just simple drawings/skelettons using the pen tool, basically to create the movement itself. After that, I want to export the frames that I drew as images to Photoshop in order to apply texture and colour, and then put them back into Flash again, without tampering with the Flash doc I've already created, since the animation is already done. I want the file(s) that I'm working with to remain the same files throughout the process, from Flash to Photoshop and back to Flash again, like the way InDesign works. Is this even possible?


      If this isn't possible at all, I guess the alternative is to draw in Photoshop and then import the drawings into Flash, put them in order and then make any eventual changes after you've created the animation in Flash, this is less smooth though still possible. But here emerges (sort of) the same problem:


      When I import images from Photoshop, create animation out of them, and then realize I have to make some changes in the original PS pic file I head back to PS to correct it. But it just doesn't work the way I want it to... If I modify the pic file in PS, then use the "update" alternative in Flash Library, Flash just tells me that the file can't be found, and does not update the image. If I choose the "edit in PS"-alternative from right clicking on a symbol that is in the library, the file opens as a .png file in PS, not as my original file! It seems to me that Flash is creating its own library, not using the existing document. Is there anyway to go around this? How do I make Flash use my PS file which allows me to change it as much as I want (as with InDesign)?


      This is driving me crazy, what I'm working on is supposed to be full HD, I can't use a freaking .png file... Gah!


      Very many Thanks in advance!


      (If anyone has any suggestion for alternative software, that's also very welcome!)

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          If you start the artwork in Flash, you are starting with a vector drawing. If you export this art as a .png so that you can edit it in Photoshop, you will be translating the artwork to a bitmap image at a specific resolution. When you edit this .png in Photoshop, you can save it, as a .png, and then import that .png into Flash.


          After you import the .png, place it on the stage in a new layer. Position the new artwork over the old artwork. Then throw away the original artwork. Now, when you want to edit the artwork, go to the original file in the movie's Library and select Edit with Photoshop. When you save the file in Photoshop, the updated file will appear in the Flash movie.


          If you have Illustrator, you can export your original artwork as an Illustrator file. Then you can open this file in Illustrator, edit it, and save it. Then, as above, import the .ai file into Flash and toss out the original. Now you can edit the original file through the Library in your Flash movie.


          Alternately, you could start by creating the artwork in either Photoshop or Illustrator. Then import that art into Flash. Now you have a link to the editor for either file in your Library. This may simplify things.


          Working with Photoshop and/or .png files will give you a larger finished file than working with Illustrator files. In either case the finished resolution of the Flash movie will be the computer's screen resolution, 72 ppi.