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    Can't save reader documents


      Hi, I'm

      new here. I just bought five pdf 's from a website. I downloaded all of them, they are all separate. They are all at the bottom of my screen because I can not save them.  I am trying to save them to my documents, or anywhere, and I don't see anything at the top of the pdf, OR at the top of my screen that will let me save them. There are 2 things in the 'file' drop down tab that state 'save a copy' and 'save as text'.  I clicked save a copy and don't know where it is saved. It doesn't tell me if it is even saved or not.  I did a search from my desktop 'start' tab in files and folders and in documents, but it is not found. I am trying to save each one separately so I can copy pages from them. I have all of them on tabs at the bottom of my screen so I won't lose them, since I can't save them. I am wanting to save them so I can send them to an email as an attachment, so I can print out some of the pages. I do not have a printer (I know I can't just print them out without saving them if I had a printer) I am not sure if I am explaining this correctly and thanks so much for helping!!