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    Digital Puppetry

      Has anyone tried this? Controlling a 3D image via keyboard, example, "shift key - mouth movement"...
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          Absolutely -interacting with 3D is what Shockwave 3D is all about.

          We used to do digital puppets on SGI machines in the 90s and here is a test I did with some old characters when Shockwave3D was first released. Most of the movement is done with simple group transformations, but for facial expressions you want to be able to distort the models, probably using bones.


          In these examples, there are different models for each expression, and you 'morph' between them. This way youcan mix & match expressions - eg mix a smile & a frown to get something different. Also controlling via the keyboard is of course extremely limiting because it's difficult and on/off, not allowing you to stop an expression half way. We have custom hand controllers and you could even programe a microphone input to allow voice activation