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    Which PDF preset do I use when exporting?

    Nad Snilloc

      For years I have used InDesign (CS3) to design pages for books which I then export to iPhoto. I used the "Save PDF to iPhoto" choice in the InDesign print dialog box and, presto, the page appeared in my iPhoto library. However, with the change in OS to Snow Leopard (10.6), new security features disabled the PDF options in the InDesign print dialog box. Adobe's workaround is to export each InDesign page to the desktop as a PDF, open up the PDF in Apple's Preview software, and then send it from there to iPhoto. Works like a charm. However, when you export the page to the desktop out of InDesign, the Export Adobe PDF dialog box gives me several options and here is where I get confused. It would appear to me that either the "High Quality Print" (supposedly for desktop printers) or the "Press Quality" choices would be best. When I compare them on the computer screen, the "High Quality Print" option looks superior, with snappier contrast and better, richer blacks and whites (most of my images are black and white). But then again, while the "Press Quality" setting looks flatter, there IS more highlight and shadow information and, who knows, perhaps the production press favors this for a better outcome. Queries to Apple yielded contradictory recommendations. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.