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    Extend duration of "Loading" screen

    Guddie Level 1
      Is it possible to control the duration that the "Loading" screen is displayed, or can I control it's visibility?

      I have a Flex app which looks at some services that requires automatic authentication, and it takes about 8 seconds for this to happen when the app is loading, but after the "Loading" screen has already disappeared. I want to stretch out the "Loading" screen to display until the end of this.
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          rtalton Level 4
          Why not try displaying a ProgressBar control (with the indeterminate property set to true) after the preloader goes away?
          Then, after you finished processing your services, remove the ProgressBar control and show the application.

          I wouldn't recommend setting any kind of timer because you never know how long your process will take or if they even finish without an error. Instead use some kind of event thrown by the service completion to dismiss the ProgressBar.