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    Migrating ES processes into ES 2

    Han Dao Level 1



      I am trying to migrating some processes that were created in ES into ES 2 by import them into a new application. I can see those are there now but not sure what to do next to have them available to use as sub processes for other new processes in ES 2.


      Can any one please adivse as I am trying to learn more on ES 2.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Hodmi Level 4

          Once you get the process imported, you need to create an Application and then add the ES process to that application


          Launch workbench ES2 and login to your ES2 Server

          Create a new application -  File New Application, give it a name and click finish

          Expand your new Application and you should see /1.0 version

          Right click on the 1.0 version and click Import

          Choose Process from the Select dialog and click Next

          Find your ES process in the Select Process dialog and click Finish.



          Now your ES process should be in your ES2 application

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            Han Dao Level 1

            Hi Hodmi,


            I imported the LCA that contains a few processes in the AdminUI and I can see it there in the list but when I click on the "Configure", I got the below message:



            No configuration can be performed on archive "PTN-09-08-2011-1355". This is likely caused by one of the following:

            • No services are contained within the archive.
            • The services contained in the archive have not been activated.
            • You do not have the permissions required to configure services in the archive.




            So I went to Workbench ES2 to do the steps that you suggested and the application is there but I still do not see any process in the application or Process perspective.


            I think I miss something but could not tell, can you please advise.


            Han Dao